Cable Laying Width mm Galvabond Hot Dip Galvanised
 75  CTB75G  CTB75H
 100  CTB100G  CTB100H
 150  CTB150G  CTB150H
 225  CTB225G  CTB225H
 300  CTB300G  CTB300H
 450  CTB450G  CTB450H
 600  CTB600G  CTB600H


Stainless steel also available. Stainless steel products are manufactured against firm orders only, are non returnable, and minimum batch quantities may apply.

Hot Dipped Galvanised products may come with varying degrees of product distortion which may compromise aesthetics.

Use M6 x 10 Pan Screw (PS610Z) and M6 Flanged Nut (FN62 x 2) for installation of accessories. Ordering code: WIZ (PS610Z x 2, FN62 x 2).