Catalogue Number Copper Conductor Range Installation Tooling
Tap (mm2) Y35/Y750 Die Y46 Die*
Run (mm2) Run A Run B Run A Run B
YGL2C2 10-35 10-35 U-O  U-O  U-O U-O
YGL29C2 50-120 (13-15 mm rod) 10-35 U997  U-O U997 U-O
YGL29C29 35-120 (13-15 mm rod) 35-120 U997  U997  U997 U997
YGL34C2 150-240 (16-19 mm rod) 10-35 PU998  U-O  PU998 or P998  U-O
YGL34C29 150-240 (16-19 mm rod) 35-120 PU998  U997  PU998 or P998  U997
YGL34C34 150-240 (16-19 mm rod) 150-240 U1011  U1011  P1011 P1011

* P-UADP adaptor to be used in Y46 Head to accept U or PU dies.